My oh my, quite the robust housing market indeed!

06_02_12FSo, you read about the strength of the housing market here and there, you gather that prices are stabilizing and homes in distress (short-sales and REO’s) are decreasing in quantity monthly. All sounds good doesn’t it? And then there is the Bay Area, the wildly robust Bay Area. To wit:

This past Wednesday I listened to offers on my San Anselmo listing at 130 Crescent Road, priced at $995,000. A total of 11 offers submitted, all over asking, some all cash. Crazy! And then yesterday I listened to offers on my San Francisco listing at 2475 42nd Avenue/Taraval, priced at $625,000. 17 offers submitted, 17!! Well over asking also.

So what is the take-away from all of this? Simple! The market is hot, V-E-R-Y hot. Not in recent memory has it been a better time to be a seller. Think about it, and call me if even remotely contemplating selling. What’s that, you want to buy and think there’s no chance to compete? Allow me please to share with you how working together can ensure your offer is not only the best it could be but also have the best chance of success in this wild robust housing market!

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