clean-offer-logoWhen it comes to searching for a home in San Francisco or Marin there is really only one choice and it’s not Zillow or Trulia, Redfin or Having researched them all I can tell you without question that Clean Offer is the premier service for home searches.

Clean Offer is unique in that it allows you to access all listings in ‘real time’ once you sign up. In fact, Clean Offer gets its feed for listings directly from the MLS and nearly instantaneously for that matter, the only thing you don’t see are the confidential remarks from agents to agents. Quite honestly, it is nearly as complete as the multiple listing service that I pay to be a part of as an agent. It’s that good!

One of the best features in Clean Offer is properties you save as “Favorites” will be kept in a separate folder and when any of your “Favorites” has a status change (i.e. goes into contract, has a price reduction or ends up selling) you are automatically notified. In this way you can not only track properties you are interested in but also start to learn the market and what types of properties sell fast or slow, at what price, etc. There is even a quick link to forward properties you like directly on to me for my immediate review.

Truly, Clean Offer is it! Sign up, enjoy it and check as often as you wish . . . though be forewarned it is addictive!