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Having Jonathan Marks as your real estate agent is like winning the lottery!

Having Jonathan Marks as your real estate agent is like winning the lottery! He’s got it all: intelligence, experience, enthusiasm, and creativity. Working with Jonathan is undoubtedly the best decision you’ll make in the process of buying or selling your home.

We have known Jonathan as a friend and agent for many years, having worked with him in the past for our real estate needs. We’ve come to know him as having exceptional expertise in this area, but above that he is simply an extraordinary human being; unwavering in his dedication, honesty, enthusiasm, positivity and patience. He is the hardest working agent you’ll ever meet, always willing to go the extra mile for his clients. Working with Jonathan makes the process a joy, even in the most difficult of situations because he treats you as if you’re his only client.

In 2011 during an uncertain economy we decided to sell our 4000+ square foot home and downsize to a more affordable property. We wanted to stay in the area and get the most for our money. Jonathan jumped in with professional advice and determination. He listened to and accommodated our needs at every turn, staying consistently responsive and positive through one of the most challenging of deals with the utmost diplomacy and a keen understanding of the process and creative problem solving at crucial times. His calm approach and hardworking perseverance got us through a turbulent situation. He was even asked advice by the buying agent to help her through the process to ensure the deal was made. Jonathan meticulously thought through every aspect of the process keeping us informed and always feeling supported.

We are now happily settled in our new home, and it would not have happened without him! We could not more highly recommend Jonathan for any and all real estate needs!

Jean and Loren C.
San Anselmo

Jonathan, oh Jonathan – if you’ve ever read one of his testimonials, you know he’s not your typical realtor. Call me crazy, but so many real estate agents we’ve met simply seem disingenuous. This is not the case with Jonathan – he is personable and warm, and extremely conscientious. Jonathan was very patient in helping us find the right home for our family during our 16 month search; he even steered us away from a few homes after looking at them more closely. He was extremely communicative and responsive, so much so that we miss our regular communication with him – we had some great email/text chains.

Jonathan’s love for his work and wholehearted commitment to clients is apparent and stems from a generous community spirit. It is also worth mentioning that he has great taste in dessert gifts & makes a fabulous jungle gym for our two girls to clamor all over. We hold Jonathan in high regards and would highly recommend him.

Natalie and Matt L.
Corte Madera

These are just of the few headlines I found on the Internet when I was searching for a real estate agent in Marin County:

“World Needs Jonathan Marks”
“Burning Man Enthusiast Moonlights as Real Estate Agent”
“Marin Real Estate Companies Vie for Jonathan Marks”
“Jonathan Marks Helps Little Old Lady With 119 Cats Buy Bungalow Next to his Own Home”
“Jonathan Marks for President”

I couldn’t believe it. The headlines just went on and on. No one had anything negative to say about this real estate agent by the name of Jonathan Marks. I was dubious, of course, because everyone knows real estate agents are sharks with shoes. So, I told my girlfriend about the legendary real estate agent named Jonathan Marks that I had learned about on the Internet. She too was dubious to say the least. So, we set up a meeting with the guy really just to check out the validity of what we had read. We had no intention of working with him, because we figured that he was paying people to lie. I mean, what real estate agent has countless adoring followers? The stories were just too incredible to be true. I told my girlfriend, “If he offers to take us to coffee or something let’s decline, because he probably sneaks a devotion elixir into whatever you drink”. I don’t want to sound cynical or anything, but really we’re talking about a real estate agent. Aren’t they just a step above used car salesmen?

Jonathan Marks is the most patient man I have ever met in my life.

We met him just outside Forestville, because, even though we were really looking to move to Marin, we thought it would be a good test of his patience. So, we pretended to be unsure of just where we were looking to move. If I remember correctly we arrived at our first meeting ahead of him. It was a hot and dusty parking lot at the crossroads to nowhere. From out of the distance came a silver SUV with a lone driver. The SUV turned into the parking lot so I strained through my sunglasses to get my first glimpse of this mythical figure. And when I did I thought, “This can’t be Jonathan Marks, he’s too young, he’s too good looking, he’s too fit, and he’s half naked! Then it clicked and I recognized him. Fabio, the Italian male fashion model was getting out of the car in the dusty parking lot just outside Forestville. Was he lost? Was this some reality TV set and were my girlfriend and I about to be in some spontaneous skit with Fabio? So many possible explanations flitted around my head.

And then it happened. This long, lean, handsome and tan male in a diaphanous tank top exits his SUV and approaches us with a big smile on his face, extends his gracefully muscular arm, his leonine hair blowing in the breeze and says, “Hi, I’m Jonathan Marks.” That was two years ago and about two hundred houses ago.

Jonathan Marks is the most patient man I have ever met in my life. If it weren’t for him and his Zen-like manner, I am certain my girlfriend and I would have abandoned this home-buying project a long time ago for reasons too many and too personal to list here. As it is we recently closed on a house and we’ll wait to see if he keeps his promise to visit. Incidentally, he is the best hugger ever.

Leslie F.
San Rafael

Once upon a time, there was a frazzled couple with two small kids who wanted to move from Berkeley to Marin. After three years of looking and countless mismatches with plastic-y realtors, they had the good fortune of inadvertently meeting Jonathan Marks. Skeptical at first, the couple agreed only to the most casual of arrangements – no driving around together to look at houses, no bombardment with emails or phone calls, no personality profiles, only one meeting for lunch. All they really wanted was access to cleanoffer.com. They got it, and within a month, they found the house they wanted. Unfortunately, another offer was accepted before they could write theirs. After a week of full-blown pouting about the “one that got away”, they received a call on a Saturday morning from Jonathan to let them know that the first offer had fallen through. In this single phone call, the couple realized how lucky they were to be in the good and capable hands of Jonathan Marks.

That’s not your typical realtor.

The couple immediately dropped everything to write their offer. Jonathan guided them through the process with patience, insight, and humor. As the couple worked with him, it became clear that there was a lot more to Jonathan than was immediately apparent from his earthy, cool guy image. Jonathan is a true people person with an innate ability to read people, sizing them up psychologically without them even knowing that he is doing it. Jonathan’s unique personality offers a blend of honesty, caring and sincerity on the one hand, coupled with focus, drive, and the ability to clearly analyze situations on the other, making him both extremely likeable and pleasant to work with, and a brilliant negotiator. Jonathan’s instinctive negotiation skills served the couple well in getting their modest offer accepted in the first place (since he knew that a stable offer was psychologically more important to the seller than top dollar) and later successfully negotiating thousands off the purchase price, even though the couple wasn’t expecting much of a price reduction, if any.

It was late in the evening when the couple finished writing their offer. Jonathan was anxious to get the offer to the seller’s agent immediately. As he peeled off on his motorcycle – with his hair flying out from under his helmet and the couple’s offer strapped to the back of his bike – the husband looked at the wife and said “that’s not your typical realtor”. She responded “I know. He’s an un-real(tor) and that’s why we like him”. The rest is history!

Robin M. and John H.
San Anselmo

As I sit beside the pool next to our new home in Marin I think of all we owe to Jonathan Marks, and smile. For over two years Jonathan put up with our indecisions, reluctances, mind changes, and near-weekly outings to obscure properties, and he never lost his cool. Not once. Not even when we drove around in my little Honda with three wet dogs in the backseat with him. As an urban person I resisted moving to Marin and thereby gave my partner perpetual agita. Jonathan smoothed the way for me (and us) with great empathy–it’s one of his many gifts–and as a role model; he meditates and hikes in the morning in Marin, and dances the night away in the hippest club in San Francisco the same evening. It took me some time to see that moving meant adding more to my life than I was losing.

So meanwhile we looked at farm houses; cottages; an unfinished modernist masterpiece in Sonoma; a subdivision in Novato that made me cry; a hilltop house with the pool caving in; more Eichlers than I care to count; a cramped residence with a defunct exercise pool in the middle of the living room; a gorgeous horse farm that turned out not to have any water; and a multi-level “manor” with facilities for pole dancing. Through all of these outings and many more Jonathan maintained his great sense of humor and his sensitivity. He listened carefully to why we chose to drag him to yet another type of property, and zeroed in on the needs these choices indicated. Jonathan always encouraged us to aim for the moon, and not to settle for what he knew would disappoint us. When I told him we were considering putting a bid in on a house that fit many of our needs, but did not raise our temperature, he told me to wait until we were excited to the boiling point about a property before going forward. It was great advice.

Jonathan is a rare person-a magnificent listener who responds with equal parts calmness and enthusiasm. He understands how anxiety-producing purchasing a house can be, and therefore communicates well and often. He was consistently available to us, to answer even the most trivial questions, sometimes from the airport, and even on his family vacation. That he is thoroughly professional we learned right away. That he has the capacity for great-hearted friendship and generosity we learned more slowly.

Now as I sit beside this gorgeous pool on this Marin summer day, I feel I owe my joy to Jonathan Marks. I hope he will visit soon to share this special place that he helped us find.

Loretta S.
San Rafael

When we had originally romanced the idea of buying a house, we were at once excited and totally terrified. Neither my partner nor I had any experience and we knew we needed a realtor. I dreaded the prospect of some pushy, uptight, used car salesperson like shmoe shuffling us around from one homogenized neighborhood to the next, trying to sell us something they really needed to make a sale on. We did not want the middle America experience of some big nasty corporate money grubbing real estate agency nor the underbelly of some macabre Re/Max commercial.

I was given Jonathan’s number by someone who probably knows him better than anyone else. His ex-wife and best friend! Yeah, yeah, I know, why should I believe some guy’s ex-wife’s speech about how great he is. She is completely lovely but god knows what this dude could be like. I checked out the website. Hmmmmm, I thought. I showed my boyfriend. Hmmmm, he thought. Let’s give him a try. We liked his hair. All we had to lose was a drive to San Rafael and we could always go to the Whole Foods there if he turned out to be a dink.

After 5 minutes with Jonathan we were relaxed. We felt totally comfortable telling him all we thought and wanted or thought we wanted. He was attentive and respectful. Jonathan was this amazing fountain of knowledge that knew lots of different areas and made many helpful and constructive suggestions. We had a beer and a chat and I realized by the end of our first meeting something miraculous had happened. We TRUSTED him. That was our feeling from day one with Jonathan. Trust! For us, that was the key element. We looked for a place and found a place.

Throughout the ENTIRE process Jonathan was consistent, knowledgeable, honest, humorous, relaxed, trustworthy, accommodating and FUN!!! Yes, yes it’s true. He has a soul. Someone you barely know can help you make a really important decision that will improve your life and it doesn’t need to feel like a high school calculus class!!! Someone you’re getting to know has your best interests in mind and has motives that aren’t completely finance based.

There is someone out there that has an energy and an outlook that isn’t part of the machine that is causing misery and destitution on the planet. And that someone folks, is Jonathan Marks, our realtor and dear friend!

Erika C. and Stephen M.

After dealing with hardened realtors in the cut-throat San Francisco and East Bay real estate markets, the first time you meet Jonathan is a moment not soon forgotten! It’s almost like he glides in over the mists of Mt. Tam in a tantric state of calm, looking like a Kenny G version of a real estate agent, dressed in white flowing robes with MLS print-outs in one hand, agent contract in the other, and the air smells like bay leaves and lavender and, well you know you’re buying a house in Marin and it’ll all be just really cool, a truly spiritual experience!

Don’t be fooled, however. Once you’ve found your perfect retreat, you’ll see his transformation from “Marin cool” to a sharp eyed, seasoned, very knowledgeable and tireless advocate for the right deal. What we found in Jonathan was a trusted partner and valued counselor who never pressured us or veered from our approach to the house we wanted. His easy humor, calm and no nonsense handling of the details and various actors in the process was a key factor in the success of our purchase.

Overall, we’d have to say the experience was, well, very cool thanks to Jonathan!

Frank and Carrie L.

We’re homeowners! But it wasn’t easy, my wife and I are public school teachers with limited salaries — and the “real estate world” is itself quite daunting. We looked at houses for years, sometimes lightly, sometimes seriously, and never with success. While viewing a promising open house, we had the good fortune to meet the listing agent, Jonathan Marks. His obvious friendliness, combined with disarming honesty and sharp professionalism, moved us to jettison the agents we had worked with and we began a several month search for a home that fit the complex that is us.

Finally, we had an active agent that wasn’t just throwing listings at us, one that didn’t try to sell us something, or seemingly bug us. Jonathan had just the right balance of suggestion and independence. When my wife found a hot prospect, Jonathan was right on it, but there was another offer ahead of us. Jonathan met with the seller and her agent and convinced them that our family should be their first consideration, and according to him, moved them to tears! What a guy!

Balancing fiscal, contractual, and psychological considerations like a juggling professional, Jonathan moved us through the process, extracting the best possible deal for us. Then we moved into the complex world of brokers, inspectors, bankers, and advisors. Again, Mr. Marks was marvelous: countering when countering was needed, filling in when others were absent, always on time, always humorously carrying the ball, never apologetic for others, and serving as our voice when serious complaint was needed.

Guess who was the only non-family member invited to our first open house? Happy ending!

Julia and Frank M.

Now that we are comfortably settled in our new San Francisco house, we wanted to sit down and share our thoughts about Jonathan so that other clients might know how wonderful it is to have him as a partner in the daunting process that is buying a house.

Jonathan is not just a larger than life, jacked, Kenny G-looking realtor, he truly had a genuine desire to understand who we are, what we like, and what kind of house would suit us. After seeing several different places with us, and hearing us comment on them, Jonathan was able to determine which houses would be worth seeing and which would not suit us. This helped narrow down the search process and made it seem less overwhelming Additionally, he is a calm, reassuring advocate during the search and transaction process.

Jonathan was clearly not just eager to get a deal done. He wanted us to take our time, figure out what was important to us, and find the house that fit us. When the time came for us to make an offer on our house, he was incredibly thoughtful, methodical, and he guided us through the offer and purchase process in a thorough and professional way.

Best of all, Jonathan does not view the purchase transaction as the end of the road. He has been just as helpful to us after we bought the house as before. Whether it’s recommending interior designers, shower glass specialists, or keeping us calm when some random imperfection rears its head in our new home, Jonathan is still there for us several months later. We think this is a testament to how he views us as people, not just a transaction.

We really can’t imagine having gone through the home search and purchase process with anyone other than Jonathan!

Laura and Zac M.
San Francisco

Wow! We are so lucky that a dear friend recommended we work with Jonathan Marks as our realtor and what a pleasure it was. From day one we were impressed and it just got better. The first day we met him he came up with a plan for our house that made perfect sense. Over the few weeks of prep time needed he provided his feedback to make the sale of our house go as quickly and for the most money possible. That effort and expertise certainly paid off as we had multiple offers and sold it within a week. I’m confident that had to do with Jonathan’s keen attention to detail. He walked through our house with a vision of a buyer and knew exactly what they would want and helped us prepare accordingly. That expertise comes from his obvious experience in the real estate market and really knowing the area and the intricacies of the business.

Jonathan provided excellent customer service answering our questions immediately and providing updates on the process to keep us at ease. We will definitely be recommending him to our family and friends!

Ashley B. & Raymond K.
San Francisco

We loved working with Jonathan! Selling a house that we’d loved living in for close to 20 years was challenging for us. Selling it in a buyers’ market was even more challenging. Jonathan was there from the very beginning to the very end, offering positive, knowledgeable, caring guidance every step of the way.

Jonathan is remarkably hardworking and dedicated. We had email and phone communications at all hours of the morning and evening – and he always seemed delighted to talk with us. He was extremely generous with his time and his spirit. He brought humor and a great perspective to all of our conversations.

Jonathan is also incredibly thorough and diligent about staying on top of all the details involved with selling a house. His experience really showed in how comprehensive he was in managing the many moving parts of the final transaction. And, he’s got a great network of contacts. From carpet cleaners to inspectors, Jonathan always had helpful suggestions about who to call.

In the end, we sold a house and made a wonderful new friend. We recommend him highly.

Suzi and Gary S.
Stinson Beach

In 2007, at what was known to be an apex in the real estate market here in Marin, I decided to test the waters warily and methodically to buy a home in Marin. I had the time and inclination to do the search (and even the purchase) myself. I had an attitude about realtors and was going to muddle through on my own. Then I met Jonathan through a friend who couldn’t have been more effusive about his personal qualities and skill as a realtor. His first chore was convincing me that I needed a realtor. Done! I was immediately struck by his intelligence, communication skills, enthusiasm and hair. Donald Trump would have been impressed, particularly by the hair. Remember the 70’s book “Scripts People Live”? We were about to write an addendum. The skeptic met Jonathan and the aikido master superhero broker had a new client.

I just bought a place in early 2011 after 3 1/2 years of search with varying levels of commitment and intensity. Jonathan was an intrepid and positive help and sounding board the whole time. I think I must have been a “difficult” client–often a poor listener and know-it-all (don’t you hate those people) — during what became difficult times for the market. My goals and vision either changed or took much time to refine. Made an offer but backed out of escrow once and came close with another. During all this time Jonathan was encouraging, diplomatic and a good natured force. I would attend brokers open houses and invariably the other brokers all knew Jonathan and had only good things to say about him.

I found Jonathan to be amazingly responsive and hard working and adaptable to my approach. It was easy to feel like a very important client. Ever embarrassingly punctual and good humored and before I run out of adjectives, helpful. And I learned that Jonathan’s professional skills were exceptional. Now I sense that Jonathan’s love for his work and wholehearted commitment to his clients stems from a generous community spirit. It was a pleasure to get to know him and have him on my team.

Thank you Jonathan, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Joe P.

We met Jonathan through a referral of a friend. We understood why she recommended him as soon as we first sat down with him over a cup of coffee. Basically, we were frank with Jonathan that we had no idea at that point about when and where we would like to purchase a home (any one of four SF Bay Area counties) and whether it would be primary or investment use. Not knowing when, where, why, or how did not seem to faze Jonathan or have him lose interest in us. Instead, he engaged us in a very fruitful conversation to help us determine our home purchase wants without introducing an iota of bias towards Marin. Jonathan is extremely knowledgeable about the Bay Area real estate market and is very helpful with figuring out what you would like and regions that may be suitable even if he doesn’t cover them. We were at immediate ease with Jonathan and were happy with feeling zero pressure.

Several months down the road, we decided to focus our search in Marin. We narrowed down the type of places of interest to us, and Jonathan managed to show us places that exactly met our specs — all in the first car ride! Just a few weekends and few houses later, we found a place that we loved and made an offer that was accepted. Through this process, Jonathan’s timeliness and communication are unsurpassable and were key to the successful transaction. The loan process, on the other hand, really challenged us with being able to continue with the purchase. With one of the toughest loan restrictions in place in many many years, the loan took over 60 days to close. Jonathan was INVALUABLE and who we credit for getting us through those trying times. He not only took care of us, but also managed all communication with the sellers and put them at ease as well. We relied on Jonathan 100%.

Jonathan has an immensely compassionate and collaborative spirit, but was very professional and firm with our loan brokers as needed. We felt like Jonathan put our best interests first every inch of the way and really earned our trust, respect, and everlasting gratitude. We love Jonathan!!

Santi and Andrew S.

We LOVE Jonathan. We would not be living in our amazing house if it were not for the fabulous Mr. Marks. When we first met Jonathan, we knew little about Marin, but upon our first meeting he said knew exactly the perfect place for us. As nervous first time homebuyers though, we drifted in and out of the market for a few years, and during that time Jonathan became our trusted advisor and friend. And when the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood finally became available, we got it. His knowledge, guidance and mad negotiating skills got us the house we always wanted – right where he always said it would be.

Personally and professionally, Jonathan is the best!

Ben and Katie F.
Mill Valley

Jonathan Marks sold my home on Eton Way in Mill Valley and he made a very difficult time as pleasant as possible. He is the most caring, professional, loving realtor I have ever met. His gentle and caring personality made the pain of selling our home a lot easier. Besides being a great realtor, his professional attire was exquisite! And when he hugs you he always smelled as if he stepped out of a Roman bath! The man has class!

Jonathan was very easy to get along with. During the sale of my home, I had fired two other realtors because I was very disturbed by all of the two faces behavior going on amongst them. But Jonathan had only good things to say about his colleagues. When you list with him, you will be number one and he will get the job done!

To this day Jonathan and I are still in touch. He is a great friend and I recommend him highly. The man is awesome!

Irmgard B.
Mill Valley

I’d met Jonathan a few times since his daughter and ours were fast friends. Somehow he already seemed familiar to me … maybe I’d seen him a few times at some of the many dozen Grateful Dead shows I’d experienced over the years. I soon found out that he was a real estate agent. Serendipitously I was on the cusp of deciding to sell my house of 12 years and so in my typical compulsive manner I didn’t shop around but just went to Jonathan.

Like others who have left testimonials here, I too was wary of real estate people in general. Something about Jonathan was different. Although he’s upbeat, he’s no hustler. He’s a straight talker who managed to help me coax every bit of charm and curb appeal out of my house. In the slowest stretch of a “down” market, we managed to sell for nearly 90% of my original listing price in less time than I was expecting.

Jonathan always seems to exude positivity and an “anything is possible” attitude. And, yes, I also couldn’t help but think of Fabio the first time I saw him! I would use no one else!

Pat E.
San Anselmo

When my wife and I decided to start a family, we realized we had to leave the city for the sake of space, parking, schools, etc. We had heard wonderful things about Fairfax, although we knew very little of the area or the real estate market. So one Saturday with a list of addresses of open homes we headed out. At one of the open houses we were extremely fortunate to meet Jonathan Marks who was showing one of the houses. Jonathan was extremely patient as we asked him numerous questions about the local market. It was apparent that he was very knowledgeable of the Marin area. After getting to know us, he suggested we change our search from Fairfax to San Anselmo. We exchanged emails and agreed to stay in touch.

Over the next several months, we visited numerous properties. Jonathan carefully chose the properties he showed us as he understood how valuable our time was. There was never any pressure to put an offer on any property that we all did not agree was the best fit. With a baby on the way and nothing coming on the market, Jonathan made sure we did not panic and make a bad decision. He kept reassuring us the right property would become available. He was right and when it did, well that’s when we realized how fortunate we were to have Jonathan.

First off, before writing an offer Jonathan suggested we consider another mortgage broker. I could not have been happier with his recommendation. The broker was a bit more savvy than who we were working with before and ended up getting us the rate we wanted without having to buy it down. His brokerage worked quickly and was very efficient. Jonathan then had to guide us through a fairly competitive offer process. He knew what the home was worth and exactly what we needed to offer if we wanted the property. Never at any time did he pressure us to make an offer for more than we thought the home was worth or what we could afford. In the end their two offers were identical in amount. Ours was accepted. I truly believe Jonathan’s reputation is what made the difference. The seller’s agent had confidence that Jonathan had his buyers ready to go and could close efficiently.

Once our offer was accepted, we experienced that efficiency first hand. Jonathan scheduled each of the three inspections we needed one after the other on the same afternoon! It was so nice to come out only once instead of making three separate trips from the city. He was on top of every detail imaginable. With my wife pregnant, we were extremely anxious to get the keys and move in. From the time the offer was accepted and the keys delivered, we closed in a little over thirty days!

We love our new home and neighborhood thanks to Jonathan. He has continued to be a great resource. Anything from plumbers, heating and cooling, handymen and even yoga, Jonathan has always pointed us in the right direction. Anyone considering buying a home in Marin would be extremely fortunate to have Jonathan guiding them.

Robyn and Alex D.
San Anselmo

We had the pleasure of working with Jonathan in the purchase of our first home. We should start by saying that our home buying experience was not an easy or straightforward one with a white picket fence. Rather, it was a confusing and complicated process with multiple set backs along the way. After walking through 100+ open houses, having our dream home fall through our fingertips via a short sale, to eventually buying that same home through foreclosure, you could say it was a marathon rather than a sprint. Through it all, the one constant was Jonathan!

Had Jonathan not been such a patient, calm, persistent and positive force through the whole whirlwind of a process we would not be living where we are today. He approaches his work and clients with such friendliness, grace, honesty and a warm welcoming smile. You often hear things about realtors being out to make a quick buck. But we truly know that Jonathan was sincere in his intentions to find us the house we wanted while looking out for our best interest. We never felt pressured or rushed into any decisions. In addition, he is extremely knowledgeable about the area and neighborhoods (in terms of schools, resale value, etc.) and his network of resources is an added plus.

Our relationship also didn’t end with the keys being handed over. Jonathan started out as our real estate agent and now is someone we can also call a friend. Needless to say, we hold Jonathan in high regards and would highly recommend him.

Nicole and Tim C.
San Rafael

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jonathan from the moment we met to the end of my transaction! Jonathan is a warm, communicative and intuitive person. He uses these skills to assess his client’s needs and bring appropriate homes to their attention. Jonathan listened to me and showed me homes matching my criteria and more importantly he did not bring homes to my attention he knew I would not like or did not fit my requirements. When one home did come up that seemed perfect we charged in and wasted no time in making the offer.

As it turned out the home I wanted was a short sale. Short sales are long and arduous transactions, at least that is what Jonathan warned me when making the offer on my home. I casually dismissed his warning only to find it was so very true. As time went on Jonathan had to hold my interest in the sale through many conversations, a TRUE testament to his ability to listen and calm people down!

Jonathan’s endearing personality, attention to detail and genuine interest in his clients make him a fantastic resource. I highly recommend him!

Steve C.
San Anselmo

When we started our search for a home in Marin, we were completely new to the entire process. Jonathan was recommended to us because he is also a member of the San Anselmo Co-Op community, and we are both so glad that we took that recommendation. Jonathan made the whole process of looking at houses feel easy and uncomplicated, which is no small feat, especially given the fact that we were doing it with a small baby in tow, while both working full time in San Francisco and Palo Alto.

When we found the house we loved, Jonathan made a couple of calls, convinced the seller that we were the couple that they had been waiting for, and we had our offer accepted before the ink was dry. The whole thing was so quick, and so flawlessly executed, it seemed too easy! Jonathan was incredibly supportive of our decisions, and his positive spirit and boundless energy made it all seem fun. We both really felt like we could trust him to steer us in the right direction. But he also really took the time to listen to what we said, and also to hear what we weren’t saying, figuring out what it was that we really needed. He has a gift!

Since we have purchased our home, which needed a fair amount of TLC, he’s been a wonderful resource for all kinds of services and professionals that we have used to make this house our home. We are both so grateful to have worked with Jonathan and would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking to find their home here in Marin.

Meeghan B. & Colin K.
San Anselmo

I met Jonathan Marks by chance about a year ago. I had called the Alain Pinel office for a general question and Jonathan happened to answer the call. He was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful over the phone. My wife and I had been looking to purchase a home in Marin for a few years but had not made an official move by enlisting an agent to help with our search. I asked Jonathan if he would be able to help and after a few months of looking at various properties with him, we finally were able to find the right home and purchased a condominium in Nov of 2010.

Jonathan earned his pay and then some during the whole process. Starting with the negotiation phase all the way through to inspections, the ever expanding legal and loan documents and the closing he was always available by phone or email to answer our questions and put our minds at ease when the process seemed to lag. After the closing, Jonathan made himself available to us for any issues or questions on the house.

Jonathan is a conscientious, knowledgeable and hard working real estate agent, a good family man and friend. We recommend him to anyone who needs help with their real estate needs and desires.

David and Isabelle M.
San Rafael

I have worked with three different agents in the Bay Area on the sale and purchase of homes and Jonathan brought a level of calm steadiness to our residential home transaction unlike what I have ever experienced before. The nearest analogy would be like a duck on water. He calmly guided me through the turbulent transaction, while working frenetically just below the surface. This calm outward presence is like a breath of fresh air in what can easily become a raging torrent.

I am a single head of household with a busy work life schedule. I owned in San Francisco and decided Marin may make a nice change of pace. However, I knew little of the neighborhoods, schools, resale value or even all the town names in the county. We met initially for coffee. As I came to learn Jonathan was, as always, courteously punctual. Jonathan arrived with a booklet (which I have to this day) that describes each town, demographics, schools system, etc. We agreed to begin checking out the neighborhoods and started looking at houses. The value of Jonathan’s specialization in Marin proved itself within 2 trips. We quickly narrowed down (based on my single income) that parts of Mill Valley, Corte Madera and San Rafael would make the most sense.

We found several single-family houses in a comfortable range and one recently reduced sale price bargain. I, of course, wanted the bargain which had a large footprint, needed some TLC and appeared to have motivated sellers. Our initial offer was accepted and then the real work began. The offer contained tight timelines, which the seller really appreciated, but added potential stress to my side of the transaction. Jonathan’s knowledge, experience, network of relationships and contacts proved invaluable here. He confidently and serenely helped us amass knowledge over a series of pre-inspections that ultimately helped us refine the contract of sale to a point where it made sense for both parties to move forward.

Over time, we learned the property was near short-sale and a judge was involved. This added additional time to the close cycle and impacted our decisions around the timeline for loan funding. At this point, Jonathan and his team moved into high gear helping ensure all parties (Title, Finance Seller & Buyer) possessed and completed all paperwork in a timely fashion. As it became apparent certain lien holders may become a problem, the deal nearly collapsed. We were past close date with no real certain end in sight.

The amazing aspect of this transaction, as I think back to this point in time was that I felt no real stress at all. Jonathan did all the heavy lifting. This helped me stay calm, cool and collected. I was able to focus on my work and family, while maintaining the balance and patience required to complete this transaction. I’m now very happy and proud to be living in San Rafael and at home in Marin. Thank you Jonathan!!

Chris Y.
San Rafael

Jonathan Marks is a fantastic real estate agent! He was immeasurably helpful in finding us a house and helping us move from the East Bay to Marin. Not only is he fun to be with, kind, always friendly, he is thoughtful, intelligent, extremely hard working and always professional. It is clear he knows all the ins and outs of the complicated real estate jargon and rules and has real teaching skills that help make it simple and understandable for the buyer or seller. He is a great sounding board and listener, taking in all the buyers wants and needs and really helping them find the right house rather then just any house that works.

We have been through the process of buying and selling a home in California multiple times and working with Jonathan was the first time we had an agent where we truly felt that he had our best interests as foremost rather then simply closing the deal. On top of it all we feel we have made a new friend, Jonathan is endlessly helpful with ideas and recommendations for life in our new county and suggestions for our kids. We could not recommend him more highly!

Jana and Zak G.
San Anselmo

Jonathan came recommended by several friends as someone who was incredibly informative yet not pushy. As one friend informed us, Jonathan was not your typical realtor – he was of a different caliber altogether. And that’s why we stuck with him! He listened to our needs, showed us a wide array of properties within our price range, gave us his professional opinion only when we asked him, and, ultimately, left the ball in our court. We especially liked how he stressed the importance of finding a “home” and not just an “investment;” how we would feel what was good for us when we found it. What great advice. He also remained flexible with us, as our eventual purchase took us just a tad farther north of where we originally intended to buy. He was willing to explore just about all options and locales with us and, like I said, kept us in the driver’s seat.

We appreciated that he was familiar with both single family and condo properties in Marin. We were also impressed by how he didn’t balk when it came to working with our schedule, i.e.; stopping by our place to talk at night after our toddler was asleep; meeting us at properties during all hours of the day; and “babysitting” our active toddler while we walked through places. We still remember him playing tag with our 3-year-old, running with him up and down the lawn out front, leaving us time to scrutinize what we hoped would be our future home. Our son still talks about Jonathan.

More than anything, we appreciate how Jonathan did not push us into anything but left the choices up to us. We couldn’t have picked someone better to accompany us on the adventure of purchasing our very first home. We are now very happily settled into a spacious and lovely townhouse in Terra Linda. As we meet our neighbors and enjoy the beautiful open spaces in the area, it is actually much more than we could have hoped for. We are so excited to be settled into such a wonderful place to raise our family. Thank you Jonathan!

Felix and Sommer S.
San Rafael

How refreshing to find a confident realtor who possesses the ability to listen, think critically and truly be more interested in his clients than a sale. It was clear from our first contact with Jonathan that he is a master at his trade. His knowledge of the residential real estate market in Marin and San Francisco is encyclopedic. Furthermore, Jonathan’s attention to detail made us feel like we were his only client, an amazing feat as clearly his business is booming. Amongst many, another unique quality Jonathan has mastered is the ability to return calls and emails in a timely manner. There was a constant means of communication from our first contact with Jonathan until now, a month after the transaction was completed.

Needless to say, Jonathan is not only a dynamic real estate agent but is also a dynamic individual who would be the first person we call for our real estate needs. I would strongly urge everyone to do the same.

Jim W. and Joe D.
San Rafael

Canada is not very far away, nor is it your typical “foreign” country when compared to a move to the US from most others. However, relocating from Vancouver, BC to San Rafael, CA is more challenging and difficult than you might think. We were very fortunate to have been introduced to Jonathan. Not only did he spend significant time searching out and looking at homes with us, but he also helped us feel more at home and comfortable with the idea of moving to the area. He has been helpful in assisting us with many queries about dentists, eye doctors, and local eateries.

Jonathan’s warmth and caring for “the client” came shining through from our very first meeting with him. I feel as though we have made a friend as well as having met a true professional, and have never hesitated in contacting him when we need some pointers for services.

We look forward to working with Jonathan again and will also encourage everyone we know to choose Jonathan for all of their real estate needs.

Kim and Matt M.
San Rafael

Jonathan is a brilliant real estate agent! During every stage of our real estate odyssey, we felt totally taken care of. Jonathan excels at making the process fun and exciting while also being exceptionally detail oriented. In addition to being exceptional, he has developed relationships with other professionals who are equally outstanding.

Jonathan’s deep understanding of the local real estate market and the buying and selling process, along with his intuition and creativity resulted in a tremendously successful real estate transaction for us. We love Jonathan and refer him out every opportunity we get!

Elaine S. and Brad R.
San Anselmo

Wow! Thank you so much for all your help Jonathan. Your compassionate nature, service-driven approach, and network of resources was so appreciated during our first-time home-buying process. You were exceptionally patient and helpful while we worked through our thoughts and very accessible even late into the evenings and on weekends. We know you have lots of clients but we always felt like you treated us like we were the most important.

Thanks for being a part of this wonderful new chapter of our lives. Without question we will refer you on to everyone we know!

Jen and Andy G.
San Rafael

We knew Jonathan for several years before asking him to represent us in the purchase of our wonderful new home and the sale of our beloved old home, and we never considered using anyone else even though we are acquainted with several other agents. Yes, Jonathan is a friend, but entering into a business relationship with a friend can be fraught with peril so we didn’t make the decision lightly, and we’re happy to say it was simply the best one we could have made.

In a word, Jonathan is the GREATEST. He embodies every quality an agent should have – complete trustworthiness, rock-solid dependability, uncanny intuitiveness and intelligence, deep experience in the real estate world, natural empathy, and he’s really friendly and, dare we say it, fun. Integrity, professionalism and concern for his clients guide all his actions and he never fails to make it clear he holds his clients’ interests in the highest regard.

The most important aspect of the relationship between client and agent is TRUST, and Jonathan has the rare ability to inspire ABSOLUTE trust. He was always there to listen to our concerns, share our hopes and desires, and never spoke down to us or made us think we were getting anything other than his complete attention and focus. He simply makes you feel as if you’re his only client. How does he do this? By working tirelessly – always ready to spend time with you visiting properties, doing research and informing you of what’s available on the market, and addressing any issues that arise during the often intense and complex process of buying or selling a home.

One of his strongest assets is his reliability and timely response to dealing with the seeming millions of nagging little issues rearing their ugly heads. We were always pleasantly surprised at how quickly he got things done, never wasting a minute and often anticipating potential problems so they wouldn’t become bigger ones. He also inspires trust by being entirely candid in his evaluations and recommendations, and perceptive and attentive to everyone’s individual needs. In the end, his greatest asset is that he takes the worry and hassle out of the process as much as humanly possible and turns something that can be horrible into something positive, even pleasant.

We could give lots of examples of Jonathan’s superior work, but a few will have to suffice for space reasons. One thing that deeply impressed us was how perceptive he was about establishing the best sales price for our old home. It was a difficult decision at a time when the market was rapidly shifting from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market, but his advice resulted in our home receiving multiple offers during the first week on the market when many other homes went unsold for months. We initially were skeptical about the asking price, but as it turned out Jonathan was absolutely right. A few weeks later we received the disturbing news that our original offer fell through, but Jonathan refused to let us get depressed and immediately went into action to secure a new offer from the ultimate buyers.

At every stage of the process Jonathan inspired us with hope and convinced us that what we wanted to achieve was, indeed, possible, and always made us feel our happiness was more important to him than just another quick sale. Hire Jonathan and you’ll get the best, most attentive assistance you could hope for and have an unsurpassed ally and friend to guide you through!

Jean and Loren C.
San Anselmo

Thanks to Jonathan we’ve made a smooth transition from 10 years in San Francisco to the quaint town of Fairfax. He made the process of buying a “new” home easy and drama-free. His dedication to his job and the people he works with is very apparent. We felt well informed, never neglected and lucky to have Jonathan working for us.

Jonathan’s connections to the people in the community are strong and well guided. Through him we found a great remodeling contractor, insurance agent, mortgage broker, pet-sitter and I’m sure more helpful contacts in the future.

We would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan to others, in fact we’d highly encourage them to do so! Thank you Jonathan!

Chris B. and Mike S.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jonathan Marks since 2003, when our children attended preschool together. During the time I have known him, he has been unfailingly cheerful, optimistic, organized, energetic, and devoted to whatever task is at hand. He is kind, thoughtful, and attentive to details. He also has a strong ability to get to the heart of any matter, and brings clarity and a straightforward attitude to his interactions with everyone he comes in contact with.

In 2008, I called upon Jonathan’s professional services as a realtor. I was able to count on all his positive attributes to find the perfect house at the perfect time. He was always available to answer a quick question, or to make time for longer discussions. Jonathan has a good eye for property, a gentle and effective way for steering one away from potential problems, and a kind manner when discussing the realities of the real estate market. He also has a wide range of contacts for any service one might need in the course of a real estate transaction, eliminating the need for cumbersome searches at a very busy time! He negotiated the details of our sale in a smooth and professional manner, and helped us close in record time. He was even able to help me pass on my moving boxes to another family who was moving, helping us both out by eliminating one more chore!

I highly recommend Jonathan as a realtor and am happy to count him as a friend as well.

Jan and Roy P.
San Rafael

Jonathan provided great assistance to me when I was searching for my first home purchase. When I first started looking, I was very impressed that Jonathan quickly clued into what I was looking for and was able to forward me listings that suited my tastes and price range. Once we found something I liked, Jonathan quickly got me in to take a look at it and once I decided I wanted to make an offer, Jonathan was EXTREMELY helpful. He went over the process step by step and explained everything to me in detail, which was a tremendous help. Once the offer was accepted Jonathan again went the extra mile to make sure everything went according to schedule and made sure that we closed escrow on time.

I was extremely happy with the way things turned out and would recommend Jonathan to friends if they ever were looking for a home in Marin or San Francisco.

Scott M.

Not knowing any realtors in Marin, we chose Jonathan after picking his bio out of the web lineup at his office. He patiently held our hands over three years, as we searched for that perfect weekend place. He never once made us feel as though we should “settle,” encouraging us to wait until we found exactly the right place for us.

With his help we found the perfect place – one that met and exceeded our impossibly long list of prosaic needs and wildest dreams. Throughout he provided us with outstanding service. His expertise, professionalism and patience helped us successfully navigate what turned into a very complicated probate and short sale. And his help didn’t stop with the close of escrow – six weeks after, he is still providing us with excellent recommendations for service providers to help us transform a neglected house into our dream home.

It is clear that Jonathan loves what he does, which makes the potentially traumatic experience of buying real estate as smooth and pleasurable as it can be for his clients.

Michael B. & Rick F.

I met Jonathan at an open house at a point when I wasn’t even sure I should be looking for a house. Jonathan respected where I was and simply made himself available and waited very patiently. . .for three years. During this period he checked in from time to time, never pushing, and always helpful with advice and answers to my questions. By the time I was ready to look in earnest Jonathan was more of a trusted friend than a realtor and there was no question I would not look anywhere else for assistance in my search for a home.

Not only is Jonathan incredibly competent and capable but the people he works with are just the same. The whole process was as painless and smooth as could possibly be. I went with his recommendations for inspectors and insurance brokers and was amazed at how great they all were.

Beyond his competence and professionalism, the real reason to work with Jonathan is his kindness and humanity and the love for his community and work that shines through all he does.

Kris S.
San Rafael

I bought my first house in Marin in the 70’s and worked with Artie Gilbert as my realtor. I was extremely pleased with Artie. Since then I have bought and sold a number of houses and thought I would never find a realtor as good as Artie. Well, the impossible has happened. I bought a house in San Rafael a few months ago and worked with Jonathan Marks. And continue to work with Jonathan as he, in no way, ends a relationship after a sale.

Jonathan was wonderful during the sale. When I would get impatient with the process, he would exude patience. And the gift he gave me after the close was just what I wanted and showed that he really sees his clients. Since the closing he has been a tremendous resource for help I need on the house. I cannot recommend Jonathan highly enough. Thank you Jonathan!!

Judith G.
San Rafael

Jonathan had the very difficult task of selling my home in Fairfax in the middle of a complete buyers market. He spent lots of time at my home and assisted me with the choices I made while getting it ready for sale and really got to know the property he was about to be representing. When we listed it he worked tirelessly to get me the best offer possible. He really respects peoples right to decide and is never overbearing. He negotiated tooth and nail for me watching out for my best interests every step of the way.

Jonathan is truly a great realtor and on top of it a wonderful, fun, intelligent, and kind person to be around. I recommend him every opportunity I get!

Kim G.

My husband and I recently moved to Marin. As luck would have it, we ended up renting a house across the street from Jonathan Marks and his family. We initially felt intimidated by the market in Marin, but Jonathan quickly found us a house in our price range located in a desirable neighborhood. The entire transaction was incredibly smooth. Jonathan proceeds with confidence and expertise. He continues to be available for our real estate questions and has offered advice through our remodel. We have tried other realtors in the past and found ourselves annoyed by their sales pitches.

Jonathan is very honest, professional, and truly cares about finding the right house for his clients. Our only regret is losing him as our neighbor!

Brandy and Dave S.
San Anselmo

Jonathan is one of the one of the most free spirited, intelligent, and fun loving real estate agents we have ever met. Although Marin can be a crazy market at times, Mr. Marks’ patience, knowledge and humor will help you through the long corridor on the road to home ownership. While you are away at your job (or in the Cape on vacation), Jonathan keeps a “firm grip” on all of your closing transactions.

Carolyn M. & Scott J.
Mill Valley

We truly wish to thank you Jonathan for all your help in selling our home. It is a real testament to your expertise that we sold our home as quickly as we did in such a difficult market. You really helped us stay focused through such an emotionally charged process and your skill and local knowledge helped us navigate through all of the “sticky” points.

Without question we would recommend you to anyone and everyone we know who is seeking out a truly dynamic realtor.

Debbie and John C.

When we began the process of looking for a home in Marin we first met Jonathan at an open house in Novato. About a month afterwards, we saw another home in San Rafael and had called Pacific Union to set an appointment to look at the house. They informed us that an agent would meet us at the property. . . lucky for us it was Jonathan who showed up. From the moment we submitted our offer to the day during which we received the keys for our new home Jonathan was always a step ahead of the process.

As we all know, buying a home can be a stressful and hectic experience; however Jonathan’s professionalism, knowledge, style and great personality made our experience stress-free. As first-time buyers, his suggestions on many aspects of the transaction process were extremely helpful. He knows when to give suggestions or comments, which in turn will help you make a better decision on certain issues that may arise. And because of his experience, we always trusted his opinion. . .and at the same time, he was sensitive to our needs.

We were quite fortunate to have Jonathan represent us and by doing so, we also established a good friendship. No doubt we will recommend him in years to come. Again, thanks a million for making our dream home come true!

Fernando R. and Brian F.
San Rafael

I met Jonathan by accident. I was looking for a house and he was hosting an immaculately presented open house on a property which unfortunately already had a primary offer. Even though that opportunity did not work out for me I got to know Jonathan and I could see that Jonathan was not a typical agent: he was completely honest; knew everything about the Marin real estate market; and seemed to work sixteen hours a day (including weekends). I asked him to be my agent and even though it took almost a year of house searching (including bidding and being rejected multiple times) in the then-hot Marin market, he never lost patience with me and insisted that “the right house will come and you will know it when you see it”.

The end result was a wonderful house with a fabulous view that was worth the wait. Through the buying process, there was never a hitch on our side of the transaction and he often anticipated issues arising from the other side. Contrary to my expectations, Jonathan, to this day, regularly follows up with me. He has always answered my home owning questions, not just the home buying questions.

We have remained friends since then and I would enthusiastically and unreservedly recommend Jonathan as an agent to any prospective home buyer or seller; he is simply the best there is.

Aush T.

I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan when he represented me as a seller’s agent at a time when it was a buyer’s market. Perhaps the most telling thing I can say about the experience is that he made me feel like I was his only client even though I knew he was working with several others. He provided an exceptional level of consistent, personalized service and attention through all the ups and downs of a process made challenging by the market conditions.

Jonathan has the highest integrity which was very important to me. Jonathan is a talented writer and photographer, and with these abilities he was able to create a very nice web site and other classy presentation materials for my property. He really hung in there with me, open house after open house, and made me feel totally supported, not just at the beginning, but all the way through to the convoluted negotiations with the buyer at the end.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jonathan to anyone contemplating either buying or selling a house.

Elissa R.
San Rafael

Strategy comes from the Greek – “strategos” meaning the art of the General. Purchasing a home is no small feat. It requires the ability to strike quickly and true if presented with the home of your dreams. Jonathan’s leadership helped us navigate California’s shifting real estate market. His command of market value of homes, his insight into the local neighborhoods, his ability to draw upon a coalition of contacts including mortgage brokers and engineers are invaluable.

My family and I relocated from the east coast and had no idea of the way homes are bought and sold in California. Jonathan patiently educated us on the ways of the market. He spent countless hours introducing us to the Bay Area’s bucolic charms. His organizational skills and ability to communicate effectively made our home buying experience an effective and life changing experience.

Susan and Robert M.
San Francisco

I wanted to write a letter thanking you for all your help during a rather long, but successful process that ended with my Marin home purchase that I’m very happy with. Having been closely involved with several customer satisfaction programs during my many years in corporate life, I was able to recognize quickly that you stood above the many other real estate agents that I had spoken to during my search for a real estate professional to represent me. Through it all you remained amazingly cheerful and positive even during the bumps in the road that we encountered while scrutinizing several potential purchases. This kept the momentum going and made a frustrating process fun. Additionally you were very easy to work with in that you accommodated my very hectic work schedule and met me at the office near my home after I got off work to write offers, talk strategy, etc. You also provided excellent referrals, from the mortgage broker, home inspector and title company that I ended up using, to the many post-purchase referrals you provided for contractors such as flooring and electrical specialists.

Jonathan, you truly have an excellent understanding of the time-criticality of a transaction as well as the little nuances required that make the difference between an offer being accepted or not. What really made the difference is the fact that you are an excellent strategist, not to mention very dedicated to your family and to the community. You literally went “the extra mile” Jonathan and I look forward to working with you again on my next real estate transaction!

Laura I.

In the winter of 2005-2006, we had the pleasure of working with Jonathan in buying a new home and selling our old home, both in San Anselmo. Jonathan was a fantastic representative through both transactions, going out of his way to make both transactions as hassle-free and relaxed as possible. Jonathan was exceptional both as a professional and as a person. During both transactions, Jonathan was a consummate professional, carefully explaining all the phases of the sales and the myriad documents involved in each. He is very knowledgeable about the process, for both purchases and sales, and it shows. This made the process extremely comfortable for us–we were always informed and in good hands. Even more important, Jonathan made both transactions a pleasure with his personality.

Jonathan is an extraordinarily kind and compassionate person, and these qualities shine through in his work. No matter the circumstances, Jonathan always greets people with a smile and a kind word. We were so happy to work with Jonathan, and to have him on our team, during this extremely important and stressful time. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

Mia and Ted P.
San Anselmo

Relocating from the East Coast was a big change for us. Jonathan was terrific at familiarizing us with the local housing market. He also assisted us in identifying what we most wanted in our new home. I know we were not always his easiest clients to deal with, but it never showed. He always treated us with incredible respect, warmth, and professionalism. We worked together for four months during which time he showed us a wide range of properties. He was knowledgeable about many things including home repair and renovation which were important factors in several properties we considered.

In the end, Jonathan skillfully guided us through the negotiation and purchase process for a home that we absolutely love. He was truly dedicated to finding us the right home and saw the process through from beginning to end. . .and beyond.

Tessa F. and Kevin D.
San Anselmo

We met Jonathan early last summer with the hard task of finding a house with all the right features and the right price. It was a long process but a fruitful one, and Jonathan was there every step of the way. Throughout the process Jonathan was our voice of optimism, always hopeful, always encouraging. This is an incredibly important attribute – one not to be underestimated – in this interesting and stressful real estate environment. Another unique skill that Jonathan provides is a very intuitive sense about the families/people he works with and the homes he helps find for them. To know that he would be there to remind us of our priorities, point out features that we may overlook, and to eliminate properties that were not an option was an integral part of his work for us.

Ultimately the house we found is the house we were meant to buy and he knew it was the right home for us before we did. Once this fact was known he was exceedingly available to put together the strongest offer possible in a multiple offer situation, and clearly presented it so that all parties knew what the important points of the offer were.

It has been said by other realtors we met how much they enjoyed doing business with Jonathan, and this ultimately helped us close the home that we love so much.

Lisa D. and Brian C.
Corte Madera

Jonathan worked with us for over a year in an uncertain housing market, helping us write several offers, ultimately helping us get our house even though there were multiple bids (especially impressive since we weren’t originally the highest bid!). Throughout the process, he spent the time with us to understand what we were really looking for and helped us better understand the market, what was available, and different options of approaching the daunting task of finding our new home. He has also been a great help with referrals for professional (and reasonably priced) inspectors, mortgage brokers, roofers, contractors and more, both during our search phase as well as after we moved into our new home.

In addition to being professional, knowledgeable and skillful Jonathan has been a pleasure to work with and I am thankful for his time, energy and guidance in helping us find our new home and our continuing relationship beyond.

Jolie and David E.

Being first time homebuyers, Jonathan’s experience, in-depth local knowledge, and kind and caring nature made all the difference. He listened to our wants, needs, and desires and found us the perfect home. Without Jonathan’s help, we would have never purchased our lovely house.

Angela S. and Mark C.
San Anselmo

Jonathan was the best! I don’t feel I would have ever bought a home without him holding my hand. At my office they were nick naming me “runaway homeowner” instead of “runaway bride”. Jonathan put up with a lot.

I would recommend Jonathan to everyone, he is the best and deserves a five star rating!

Leslie M.
Mill Valley, CA

I recently purchased a home using Jonathan Marks as my agent. His keen instinct and dependable nature helped me to find a perfect home. Jonathan’s relaxed professional manner smoothed the buying process for me and he was always there to help in any way he could with all of my questions and needs. He was a joy to work with and he receives my highest recommendation.

Alfred R.

We enjoyed working with Jonathan Marks on the purchase of our new home in San Anselmo, as well as the selling of our home in Lucas Valley. Jonathan was available to us at all times and on all days. We could always count on Jonathan to either pick up the phone or call us back promptly. He always emailed responses in a timely and efficient manner.

We appreciate Jonathan’s candidness, humor and sensitivity. He was patient, kind and patient and patient some more throughout the entire process. Jonathan has a strong network of colleagues throughout Marin County and the general Bay Area. He was prompt and efficient in contacting any additional vendors, inspectors, specialists or resources for us. We appreciate his dedication and commitment throughout our buying and selling journey. Thank you, Jonathan!

Gene and Patty E.
San Anselmo

We had the good fortune to recently purchase a new home. I can’t say it was easy, but there is no question that without Jonathan Marks to help us it wouldn’t have been possible. He was part marriage counselor, part banker, part magician! He led us through every step with kindness and utmost trust. Our new home is just what we wanted and I would recommend Jonathan Marks to everyone.

Heather and James F.

Jonathan Marks helped us find a home that fit our needs and helped us understand how to prepare for and undertake all of the fine details of purchasing a home. Jonathan was very helpful in smoothing relations with various players in our transaction and helping us with some difficult decisions that needed to be made regarding various types of inspections that were required due to lack of proper disclosure and other minor issues. Jonathan was always available and showed us much respect and patience during our home purchase. He was sincere and really cared about what we thought and always followed up with any request for information that we had. He also took his time to explain all the details of the papers that needed to be processed during the transaction, we never felt rushed or that we did not understand anything that we were putting our signatures on.

Jonathan is highly recommended for anyone looking for a property in this current market since he provides caring service with an attention to detail and lots of patience and positive attitude that really helps when dealing with the myriad amount of information that needs to be processed during a home purchase.

Eva and Jeffrey I.
San Rafael

As a first time homebuyer, my husband and I were hesitant about the Marin housing market and where to begin to look for a realtor. We met Jonathan at a Sunday open house and our relationship quickly began. Jonathan immediately made us feel at ease and confident. He knew from first hand experience what it meant for us to move from San Francisco to Marin County. He was available for us at all times, even last minute appointments, and I was always impressed with his kindness and helpful suggestions.

Jonathan was more than just our real estate agent – he became a part of our family. Jonathan went above and beyond and made our first time home buying experience memorable.

Laura and Neil A.
Mill Valley

When my husband and I decided to move from Arizona and make California our home, we knew immediately who we could trust in helping us make that very important real estate decision. Jonathan’s key strength is his ability to consultatively help a client achieve their real estate needs. He really spends time listening to what you think is important to you in buying a home and helps you clearly define what are “must haves” and what are “wishes”. Jonathan previews all the properties so that when he shows you a property he is not wasting your time. He sets you up with an internet program that allows you to preview homes from your computer. He is not out to just make a “sale”. Jonathan really wants his clients to find the “right fit”. He is extremely knowledgeable on the Marin County market and gives sound and informative advice on possible investments. After months of searching for the right home and after many disappointing losses due to being out bid, Jonathan found us the perfect home for our needs at the perfect price.

We are very happy with our decision and would highly recommend Jonathan Marks for your real estate needs. Finally, he is genuinely an optimist and achievement oriented, possessing the” know how” to make it happen. His business ethics are beyond reproach.

Loris and Rick N.
San Rafael

We met Jonathan at a Sunday open house he was holding. Having only just begun to look in Marin we had not yet found a realtor in Marin to work with. Within minutes Jonathan engaged us in conversation, asked a few pertinent questions and within a short period of time we’d found ourselves a Marin realtor. Over the course of the couple months we worked together we looked at a pretty significant number of properties with Jonathan. Wherever he went he charmed sellers and their realtors alike, along with pretty much anyone else he came into contact with. He was incredibly flexible with his time. . .he was simultaneously always enthusiastic, yet never pushy, listening to our feedback and never making us feel pressured. Throughout all of our dealings he was professional, patient, and calm even when we were indecisive or panicking.

Buying a house, especially your first house, can be a very confusing and stressful experience. We felt we were in excellent hands with Jonathan and are thrilled with our new home. We’d recommend him without question to any friends looking for a Marin or San Francisco realtor!

Gilian and Andrew M.

No one has surpassed our expectations like Jonathan did! His flexible, easygoing style put us at ease and gave us the result we were looking for. We will unquestionably work with Jonathan many times in the years to come.

Lisa and David A.
Corte Madera

Jonathan is wonderful! We had the pleasure of working with Jonathan for a few months this past year and the experience was great. We met at an open house and he had live music (a very nice touch) and a warm personality. We told him what we were looking for in a house and he was very helpful in finding houses for us to look at that were exactly what we wanted. He represented us for the purchase of our new home and every step of the way we knew he was taking care of us. We always felt comfortable that he would handle anything that came up with grace and ease.

Jonathan is kind, diplomatic, smart, and very thorough with every interaction, he has a great sense of humor and makes the daunting task of searching for a new home a lot easier! We love him and recommend him to all our friends and family!

Jennie and Mike P.

Jonathan is a person you can trust with your real estate needs. He is professional, intuitive and works tirelessly on your behalf. Jonathan was always one step ahead of us during our recent home search. Jonathan provided expertise at the highest level as well as took the time to be available for a host of additional meetings that arise with a home purchase. He made a challenging process an easy one.

Debbie and Blake J.
Mill Valley

Recently I had the pleasure of completing a transaction with Jonathan Marks. This transaction had its twists and turns, however Jonathan had a positive attitude and knew how to move forward. He was totally professional in his dealings, accurate, did his due diligence in handling inspections, was reassuring, and actually knew what “time is of the essence” was all about.

I felt like I was working with a well seasoned professional and look forward to doing more business with him over the years!

Candi S.