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Executive Assistant

Favorite job before real estate? 

Real estate was my first job at 16 and I’ve been with it ever since!

What do you think about when you think about home?

Home is the foundation from which we expand out into the world. When I think about home, I think of centering within oneself and connecting with valued others whether they be family, friends, or beloved pets.

Your weirdest quirk?

I always have to feel “even” between the sides of my body. So if I scratch my right elbow, I also have to scratch my left!

Best place you have ever visited?

Spain! I spent the summer after my first year of college studying abroad in Murcia and I’ve been planning my trip back since the moment my feet left Spanish soil.

What is your why?

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to help — and over the years, I’ve refined this idea to realize that what gets me up and feeds my spirit is connecting people with what they need to thrive. Assisting in the connection of people to people, to things, and to places is why I really love doing what I do.


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