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Favorite job before real estate?

Figure skating coach.  My first “career” was as a very serious competitive figure skater from the age of 6 to 16. I trained 5 days/week even during the summer and competed all over the U.S.  After I retired from amateur competition, I became a coach and taught kids while I was in college.  I loved seeing their faces light up when they first learned to skate backwards or land their first jump. 

What do you think about when you think about home?

A cozy spot where friends and loved ones come together.   Warm, inviting and filled with a curated collection of treasures from our lives.  Home is where my family and I feel safe and secure where we can be our silly selves.

Your weirdest quirk?

I always have to have music playing (or some kind of background noise) when I sit down to eat with my family because the sound of other people chewing drives me batty. For years, I thought I was really weird but then after talking to a friend who also suffers from this affliction, I found out that it has a name– Misophonia.

Best place you have ever visited?

Its hard to pick just one “best” place because most places I have visited have left a lasting impression, but my trip to Borneo with my husband was pretty epic.  Before starting a family, we knew we wanted to take a “no regrets” trip – the kind that would be really difficult to do once we had little ones running around.  We were inspired to visit Borneo after watching the Planet Earth documentary series.  We spent two weeks hopping around the island by prop plane or 4x4 and got to take in so many natural wonders. We experienced the evening exodus of over 2 million bats from one of the world’s largest underground caves. We canoed down the Kinabatangan river to see Proboscis monkeys in their natural habitat and went scuba diving in Sipadan – where we found some of the most colorful fish in the bluest waters I had ever seen.  The trip ended with me having emergency ear surgery in Kuala Lumpur. While I truly have no regrets – next time I will wait a day after diving before boarding an international flight. 

What is your why?

Several years ago, I stumbled upon the book “Finding Your Own North Star” and its message struck me so deeply that I signed up for the author’s 9 month life coach certification course.   I learned a ton about myself and how I interact with others, but mostly I realized that I wanted to live more authentically.  That word – “authentic” gets thrown around a lot, but for me it means being true to myself. I’ve always known that I love to help people and I get such joy out of guiding people to uncover what matters most to them - especially when finding the right place to call home.

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