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Favorite job before real estate?

For a number of years, I managed an entry-level sales team at a mid-sized tech company. We were a rascal bunch, with people just beginning their careers out of college, and many making leaps of faith into the tech world from other paths. A big part of the job was career development and the coaching that goes into helping each individual succeed in their role. It became my favorite job prior to real estate because each person had different stars in their eyes, but each was hungry, and I was able to help! The community of support that we created while being in direct competition with each other was truly special. Their willingness to trust my leadership and let me guide their light made my time in the role very rewarding.

What do you think about when you think about home?

My first thoughts are two things.

One is the word, Serenity. Serenity, which manifests by creating a sanctuary that is my own space, bringing me a feeling of peace and security. My sanctuary is not only my own home but my family's and friends' homes. Each sanctuary is filled with the things in life that bring happiness, comfort, peace, and security; creating an ecosystem of serenity. Family members, friends, laughter, music, smells, art...each add value in their own special way!

Second, is the ocean. When I am near the ocean, it's the closest I feel to home without actually being there. I experience all the same rush of emotions and feelings. Happiness, comfort, peace, and security.

Your weirdest quirk?

You never think you will turn into your parents until one day, it just happens. I now find myself thinking, key word, I can see better while driving if the music is turned down.

But my true quirk...before every single flight (2nd layover flights included) it is imperative that I listen to two songs prior to take off.  The order doesn't matter, but both must be listened to in their entirety before barrelling down the runway. Led Zeppelin- When The Levee Breaks. Led Zeppelin- Kashmir.

Best place you have ever visited?

With so many places on my list, near and far...I have to say, the best place I have ever visited is not one because of its grand beauty, but because of its nostalgia for my life. It is a sleepy little town on the coast of North Carolina, called Topsail Beach. It is a place where memories I will cherish forever were formed. A place that has brought me laughter, love, beauty, serenity, peace, the list is endless. It is a slice I will continue to find myself revisiting the rest of my life, and a place I consider home. 

What is your why?

I found myself sitting in a sea of people a few years back, at a giant tech sales conference, attending a session where the speaker spoke about the concept of the 'red thread'. Little did I know how impactful that next 30 minutes would be on how I wanted to mold my career and life. If you do a quick google search, you will find the red thread pertains to finding love.  The purpose of his talk was about finding love in your work. From that moment, I knew my career had to be filled with something that I love. Helping others. Helping others is my passion and having a career where I am afforded to help others forge the life they want, only enhances my ability to create the life I have always dreamed for myself! Cheers to the red thread.


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