1% for the 99% Initiative

Marks Realty Group has selected the following three organizations as the recipients for  2024 of the 1% for the 99% Initiative:

At Marks Realty Group, we recognize that the top 1% of the wealthiest people in our country have a disproportionate share of capital, political influence, and the means of living a life of privilege and comfort, education, and health. As a result of this wealth inequality and in line with our ethos on beneficence, we established our 1% for the 99% Initiative which annually gives 1% of our total commission to nonprofits committed to making a difference in their local communities, with particular attention paid to social justice and environmental issues.

If you wish to refer a non-profit to be considered as a recipient of the 1% for the 99% Initiative, please click here. Additionally, if you are a non-profit and wish to apply to be a recipient of the 1% for the 99% Initiative, you can apply here.
​​​​​​​Together, we can make change!

Past Recipients 

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