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Why us? With so many Marin REALTORS out there touting they are better than everyone else and throwing sales figures at you in an attempt to win you over, how on earth do you cut through the noise? After all, what really matters to you is getting your house sold or helping you find your perfect new home, and all done with discretion and respect. And for that, you need more than a Marin County REALTOR; you need a trusted friend. Contact the Marin County real estate agents at Marks Realty Group to sell & find condos, property, townhomes, houses & luxury homes for sale in Southern, Central, Northern & Coastal Marin, CA.

What Makes Us Different?


Before you tell us your list of must-haves, we want to hear all about you. Give us a quick autobiography, a Cliff Notes version of your daily life. Once we know what you’re all about, we’ll also know what will make you feel at home. It’s not about the number of bedrooms or square footage (all that’s easy enough); it’s about your personal perspective, your time spent, your happy place.


Selling your home requires discerning planning and double vision: On one hand, your house is dynamic and inviting—the site of a well-lived life; on the other, your house is a crisp, clean canvas for potential buyers to envision their lives. We'll showcase your house as the vibrant hearth that it has been while also highlighting the potential that it holds.


Thinking of selling here and buying in Portland? Or have a relative wanting to cash-out in Austin and retire to Lisbon? We got you covered, thanks to our exclusive international Realtor referral network. Moving to Marin and need a painter? Buying in SF and want the best acupuncturist? Yep, we got you covered there as well.

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You can count on us to help you sell and help you buy, and be there for you every step of the way before and well after your deal is done. So, why us? Because working with us, you are more than a client in a transaction; you become a friend for life.