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Favorite job before real estate?

During a many-month-long journey through Central America, my now wife Sierra and I stumbled upon a stunning oceanside oasis: a boutique hotel on the coast of Nicaragua named Hulakai. Not wanting to leave, we immediately co-accepted the open position of kitchen and guest director. We moved right into a casita on the property and our days consisted of poolside lounging with guests, menu planning for dinner, surf breaks, sipping rum and passionfruit cocktails, and finally, cooking dinner family-style for all the guests in the hotel, up to 30 guests per night. It was a deeply connecting experience to both the wonderful locals who accepted us into their world and the adventurous travelers who passed through each day. A hard job to leave, indeed...

What do you think about when you think about home?

In the many homes I've had, the common theme has been comfort. In addition to physical comfort, this is also the all-important sense of "ease." These feelings of comfort invite us to focus on self-preservation and resetting, directly influencing the attitude we bring out into the world with us each day. Don't tell me lounging on the couch isn't just as important as crossing items off the to-do list!

Your weirdest quirk?

I can’t leave a knob dialed to an odd number. Volume, temperature, you name it. Needs to be an even number. 

Best place you have ever visited?

The Grand Canyon is the most powerful place I’ve been lucky enough to visit. Nowhere has more acutely bestowed upon me a genuine perspective of smallness in this world. It’s an awe-inspiring, humbling feeling that is compounded by the natural beauty: a combination of starkness and richness of the desert. I’ve spent six total weeks rafting the waters of the Colorado River that flow at the bottom of the Canyon and I hope to enjoy many more.

What is your why?

It’s safe to say that most everything I do is in an effort to achieve balance. Balance is fickle. It is not easy to achieve, nor is it stable or consistent. It’s a constant challenge that's frustrating, motivating, but above all, endlessly rewarding both to you and those around you. When achieved, it's a feeling that's hard to beat, and always keeps you coming back for more! 

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