How To Easily Transition Your Halloween Porch Decor Into A Thanksgiving Welcome

How To Easily Transition Your Halloween Porch Decor Into A Thanksgiving Welcome

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If you're like us, you love decorating for holidays but hate taking everything down afterward. Thankfully, there's a way to transition your porch from Halloween to Thanksgiving without completely starting from scratch. Adding or transitioning a few key elements can give your porch a new look that celebrates the best of both holidays!


1. Get rid of the ghosts and ghouls, but keep the pumpkins! Turn around those Jack o'lanterns and add some natural woven or fairytale pumpkins for an extra touch of autumn.


2. Next, bring out the fall colors. After you've removed all the black from your porch, it's time to bring in some warmer tones. Think about colors like orange, yellow, and green. You can incorporate these colors by adding pumpkins, gourds, and leaves. These colors will help make your patio cozy as the weather gets cooler.


3. Use natural elements. One of the best things about decorating for fall is that you can use elements from nature! Bring in some branches, pinecones, acorns, and leaves. We created a Fall Pumpkin Porch Pot because it will last through the fall and into winter. And added Dried Baby's Breath (Natural & Peach) and Dried Natural Sugar Pinecones to create a beautiful fall display.


4. Finally, don't forget about Thanksgiving! Add in some elements that will help you get into the Thanksgiving spirit. This could include a Fall wreath on your door, a sign that says "give thanks," or Cinnamon Scented Bamboo Brooms for a scent of fall.



Source: Bindle & Brass Trading Company

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