Architectural Digest Releases 2024 Outdoor Forecast

Architectural Digest Releases 2024 Outdoor Forecast

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On March 19, 2024, Architectural Digest’s AD Pro released a comprehensive quarterly report titled "Outdoor Forecast 2024: The Professional’s Guide to Today’s Backyards," highlighting the evolving landscape of outdoor living spaces. As we have moved past the impacts of the pandemic, there's been a significant shift in how homeowners invest in their outdoor areas, focusing on creating luxurious, hotel-like environments with diverse functionalities and high-end amenities.

Geographical Diversity in Design Trends

According to Lila Allen, Senior Editor at AD PRO, the report leverages a wide range of perspectives from designers across the United States, including those from the Pacific Northwest, Montana, California, Texas, New York, Massachusetts, and Florida. This geographic diversity ensures the trends are applicable nationwide, catering to different climates and local preferences.

Elevated Homeowner Expectations

Homeowners today are redefining their outdoor spaces with substantial budgets and innovative ideas. They are moving away from basic setups and demanding more sophisticated, durable, and stylish solutions that enhance their lifestyle year-round. Allen emphasizes that the expectations around domestic life, particularly outdoor living, have transformed significantly since the early 2020s.

Advanced Materials and Technology in Outdoor Design

The report also sheds light on the advancements in materials and technology that are reshaping outdoor spaces. Cliff Fong, a designer from Los Angeles, mentions the evolution of outdoor fabrics which now include options that mimic the feel of indoor-quality textiles like linen and cashmere, yet offer superior durability and resistance.

Moreover, outdoor technology has seen remarkable growth. Michael Short, a senior marketing director in the residential and hospitality sectors, highlights how homeowners are incorporating high-tech features outdoors. These include custom, retractable TVs and powerful sound systems that enhance entertainment spaces outside traditional indoor boundaries.

Hospitality-Inspired Features and Smart Technology

An increasing number of homeowners are adopting hospitality-inspired elements such as cabanas equipped with wine fridges, overhead fans, smart drapery, and surround sound systems. Additionally, smart technology is being integrated extensively into outdoor amenities like lighting, heating, pools, spas, mosquito control, and irrigation systems, making maintenance easier and more efficient.

The Rise of Cold Plunge Pools

A surprising trend noted in the report is the growing popularity of cold plunge pools. Once a niche interest, these features are gaining mainstream acceptance, with more requests from homeowners looking to incorporate wellness elements into their outdoor spaces.

Sustainable Practices in Outdoor Design

Lastly, the focus on sustainability continues to grow, with an emphasis on using local and native plants to create more manageable and environmentally friendly landscapes. This approach not only reduces maintenance but also supports local ecosystems.


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