Steps Guide to Boost Your Home's Value

Steps Guide to Boost Your Home's Value

  • Marks Realty Group

Are you planning to sell your home? Hold off on that "for sale" sign until you've strategically upgraded your home for financial success. Follow these step-by-step guide, from planning your remodel to adding curb appeal, to make intentional and lucrative improvements.

Plan Your Remodel Wisely:

  • Strategize your upgrades for maximum ROI.
  • List changes, prioritize, and consider your budget.
  • Research the potential return on specific improvements.

Tackle One Room at a Time:

  • Focus on manageable projects, one room at a time.
  • Break down projects based on cost and time.
  • Achieve stylish upgrades by strategizing each room.

Add Sense and Style:

  • Prioritize updates based on your timeline and budget.
  • Decorative living room updates offer a 66% resale return.
  • Create lists for personal and value-boosting upgrades.

Clean Now for Profits Later:

  • Maintain a clean house for a positive first impression.
  • Regular cleaning helps spot and address potential issues.
  • Declutter to present a visually appealing home to buyers.

Count on Curb Appeal:

  • Enhance your home's exterior for a positive first impression.
  • Focus on landscaping, walkways, and exterior aesthetics.
  • Boost your entire neighborhood's curb appeal for collective value.

Heat Things Up in the Kitchen for 98.5% ROI:

  • Invest in kitchen upgrades for the highest ROI (98.5%).
  • Consider paint, backsplash, stainless steel, and good lighting.
  • Make your kitchen appealing with modern touches.

Beautify Your Bath for 93.2% ROI:

  • Focus on faucet upgrades, granite countertops, and lighting.
  • Invest in heated floors and stone surround tile for added luxury.
  • Maintain cleanliness and update grout for a fresh look.

Hire a Certified Home Inspector:

  • Schedule regular home inspections for maintenance.
  • Prioritize inspections before selling for a confident transaction.
  • Keep records to showcase proactive maintenance.

Convert Your Attic for 93.5% ROI:

  • Transform wasted attic space into a bedroom for high ROI.
  • Check local building codes before planning the conversion.
  • Understand criteria for renovated attics to meet code standards.

Level-Up Your Landscaping for 100% ROI:

  • Focus on landscaping for a guaranteed 100% ROI.
  • Seek design advice from local garden centers or neighbors.
  • Invest in sod, colorful plants, and charming focal points.

Spruce Up Your Exterior for 96% ROI:

  • Revamp your exterior with updated siding, paint, and doors.
  • Stone veneer offers a high return rate (96% in 2021).
  • Attend to details like paint color, awnings, and porch aesthetics.

Add a Deck, Porch, or Patio for 90.3% ROI:

  • Create an outdoor living space for a 90.3% recoup rate.
  • Decorative planters and appealing entryways enhance appeal.
  • Choose materials wisely for a durable and attractive outdoor space.

Finish Your Basement for 90.1% ROI:

  • Consider finishing your basement for a 90.1% return.
  • Ensure proper moisture control before remodeling.
  • Focus on essentials like a wet bar, lighting, and flooring.


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