Excellent Sushi Restaurants in San Francisco

Excellent Sushi Restaurants in San Francisco

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Zushi Puzzle

Zushi Puzzle has been the neighborhood sushi destination of the Marina for years and real ones know the move is not to order off the regular menu but to call and get a reservation at the sushi bar. That’s where chef Roger Chong holds it down, guiding diners to the freshest fish and the best specials on offer that day.


Saru Handroll Bar

This sister spot to Saru in the Mission differs from its sibling in that the sole focus here is the mighty handroll. The menu keeps things simple and straightforward: just a few small plates and a wide array of temaki. Sets come with three, four, or five rolls — no substitutions — but the a la carte list includes tempting options such as red crab, lobster, sea urchin, and cucumber with plum.


The Shota

The FiDi restaurant — one of the city’s swankier omakase spots — is back to serving its Michelin-starred Edomae-style omakase sushi, otsumami, and sushiya cuisine. The 15-course meal won’t come cheap (per Tock, you’re looking at $300 per person) but you can expect aged, cured, and marinated techniques on full glorious display.


Friends Only

It’s been a busy season for chef Ray Lee and the team behind Akikos. In addition to making the move to a new space, the team debuted Friends Only, an extremely exclusive 10-seat omakase counter that doubles as an R+D kitchen of sorts. Diners indulge in a multi-course omakase meal that’s absolutely overflowing with premium ingredients including caviar, uni, Hokkaido scallops, and other hard-to-find fish. Cocktails, wine, and sake make for thoughtful pairings at this dinner spot that feels somewhat like a super fancy dinner party.



Treasured San Francisco sushi spot Akikos entered an elegant new era when the restaurant relocated to a new home in the East Cut. At Akikos at Avery Lane, diners can pull up a chair to the 24-seat Chef’s Stage, where they’ll get a front-row view of chef Ray Lee, head sushi chef Shinsuke Hayashi, and the rest of the team at work. It’s an ever-changing omakase experience, but you can expect Lee’s unique dry-aged fish featured in a stunning lineup of nigiri, plus small plates including wagyu-topped shokupan and chawanmushi accented with uni.

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